Are you planning to buy farmland? If “Can I invest in the agriculture land?”  Is this the question you have in your mind? Then the answer is, “Yes Go-ahead” and if you are planning to buy in and around Hyderabad, the answer will be “definitely Yes”. Continue to read for the reasons you should invest in farmland.

Unlike some states In Telangana, anyone can buy agricultural land irrespective of whether or not they are farmers. So than owing to the scarcity and high price of land in city, it is a wise choice to invest in agriculture land. In Hyderabad since past few years’ urban investors are buying farmlands to earn profits on resale or use it for cultivation or lease the land to someone.

“Buying agricultural land can be a good investment for high net worth individuals and for those with surplus income,” said senior financial adviser Subba Rao Anupindi”.        

One should make sure that the land has a clear title, as farmland in many places in Telangana is mire in disputes. Visiting the land and enquire with the local revenue, registration and local body authorities to find out all details about the land and the antecedents of the seller is very crucial.

Coming to investment option the agriculture land in and around Hyderabad alone, the farmlands or agriculture land for sale Patancheru, Shamshabad, Shadnagar, kothuru, Zaheerabad, Shakarpally and Sangareddy have great demand. Prices of agricultural land is expected to increase three folds in coming four years, especially around ORR, owing to the growing demand for affordable housing, which is only feasible along the outskirts of Hyderabad its wise choice to invest on farmland in above mentioned regions. These lands has great demand for other major reason is upcoming public and private projects/firms, last but not least as you substantial amount to buy the land and hence, you should cover all the risks, before you enter the deal.


Here are some genuine and top quality farmlands for sale or agriculture land for sale brought to you by AR Properties hub around Hyderabad